7 Security Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

Achieve greater peace of mind with these essential car security tips

Your vehicle is likely to be one of the more expensive items you own, so finding ways to keep your car safe is crucial for its protection as well as helping keep your insurance premiums down.

Below, we’ve gathered together seven car security tips to help protect your vehicle from any unwanted attention.

Park in a Safe Location When Possible

Whilst not always possible, parking in a safe area can help to protect your car and could even make a difference to your insurance premiums. When at home, park in a garage or as close to your property as possible. While when out and about, try to park in a well-lit spot and as close to a public area as possible.

Fit an Immobiliser

Designed to prevent your vehicle’s ignition or starter pump from starting without the correct code, an immobiliser can be a great option for reducing the risk of car theft.

Here at TCM Automotive, we are proud to offer the Ghost II Immobiliser from Autowatch – one of the leading car immobilisers currently on the market. An impressive piece of security equipment, the Ghost II Immobiliser is the ideal solution to keep your car safe.

Protect Your Wheels

Modern vehicle wheels are a common target for thieves due to their cost and accessibility. To help counter this growing problem, consider fitting locking wheel nuts to protect your car’s wheels from theft.

Avoid Leaving the Car Running

While perhaps one of the more obvious car security tips, avoiding leaving the car running when you nip into the house or quickly visit a cash point is crucial. While it can be tempting to momentarily jump out of your car, it only takes a split second for a thief to act and your vehicle to be gone.

Keep Your Keys Safe

Whether at home or out-and-about, ensuring you keep your car keys safe is another crucial safeguard, as when it comes to car theft, getting a hold of keys is often the easiest way of stealing a car.

Fit an Alarm

Installing an alarm if your vehicle doesn’t have one, or even fitting an additional one if it does, can act as a good deterrent when it comes to helping keep your car safe.

Having an alarm will also likely see you offered a better rate on your insurance if fitted professionally, helping you save money in the long run and further protecting your vehicle.

We hope our seven car security tips have provided you with some good ideas for keeping your vehicle safe. At TCM Automotive, we offer a range of professional services to help protect your car from potential thieves. To learn more about our car safety services, call us today on 07581 033 606.