Professional Garage Services in Havant

BMW Specialist Car Servicing in Havant

Our skilled team here at TCM Automotive provide our Havant customers with their BMW car servicing solutions and have done so for more than 10 years. Our fully trained and experienced mechanics investigate your car’s key components and performance including checking engine oil, oil filters, coolant and hydraulic fluids, radiator and cooling system, as well as tyres, lights, exhausts, steering, brakes, suspension and the battery. We happily service most other makes and models of car too and cover every aspect to ensure your car is running at optimum efficiency. 

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Garage Services in Havant

We are Havant’s local garage services provider, undertaking car servicing, tuning, diagnostic, engine remapping and more to ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance. With regular annual servicing we can help capture issues early on to prevent further problems in the future so, ultimately saving you money and increasing the lifespan of your car.

Car Security

In Havant and need a local vehicle security expert? Here at TCM Automotive you can depend on us to supply and install the very best in car security devices. We ensure that all our products are reliable and of the highest quality. Our expert technicians know how to fit the right device to your vehicle, ensuring a quick installation on every project. These are just a few of our more popular vehicle security solutions:

Car Immobilisers

A properly fitted Car immobiliser is an excellent second line of defence for any vehicle. The vehicle immobilser prevents anyone trying to break into your car from starting the vehicle and driving it away. If you have an immobiliser installed, your car will only start if the correct key is inserted into the ignition.

Autowatch Ghost II

The Autowatch Ghost II is a high performance and reliable security tool for any vehicle. All our Ghost II models are sourced directly from the manufacturer. We use Autowatch as the supplier, to ensure that all products are genuine products and have not been compromised by passing through third party sellers. We will drive to your home or work address and fit your new Autowatch Ghost 2 while you wait.

Car Alarms

For first line of defence against theft or vandalism you need a professionally fitted car alarm. At TCM Automotive, we stock some of the most effective and reliable car alarm models available on the market today, designed to act both as a deterrent to would-be thieves and an immediate alert to you, should your vehicle be compromised. Our team will fit the right alarm for you to any make or model of car.

Car Trackers

A professionally fitted car tracker is now a requirement from many insurance companies as part of a comprehensive auto policy. They are linked to a GPS system, allowing you, the police, or your insurers, to track your vehicle accurately in the event that it is stolen. We supply and install a range of car trackers with the most popular being category 6 and category S7 (an entry-level tracking device at an affordable price), as well as category S5 and category S5+ (boasting extra features, like remote engine immobilisation and driver ID tags).

Category S5+ tracker installation experts

Category S5 and S5+ trackers are small and discreet however need to be fitted by a trained and experienced professional. These trackers are linked up with your car’s GPS tracking and (in the case of S5 models) aligned with your engine immobiliser. It is also important that the device is properly calibrated before use, to ensure accuracy. Accurate GPS readings allow you to trace them using a custom application on your mobile device or smartphone and, thanks to driver ID tags, it will alert you immediately if someone else tries to drive your car.

Category 6 & 7 trackers

Category 6 and Category S7 trackers installed by TCM Automotive are only of the highest quality. Whilst these great value small tracking units are easy to conceal in any vehicle, GPS receivers provide you with accurate locating, which can be utilised through a custom app on your phone or smart device. They provide peace of mind in one handy bundle including 24 hour monitoring and full coverage across Europe.

Why choose TCM Automotive

There are many reasons to come to us for your car services. These are some of the ones most commonly quoted to us by our customers.

We combine the expertise of our technicians here at TCM Automotive with state of the art equipment from industry leading brands such as Flashtec, Magic Motorsport, and XHP. The end result is a first-rate ECU remapping service for your vehicle every time.

Although based in Portsmouth, we operate over an area that covers the whole of Hampshire and beyond.

Bringing more than 30 years of on-the-job experience with them, our professional team of technicians ensure a faultless service on every installation from start to finish.

Whether you come to us here at our Portsmouth service & tuning centre, or we come to you with our fully mobile service, you are guaranteed a high-quality professional service whenever you get your car checked out by the team at TCM Automotive.

Some of our Havant clients prefer to stay at home or their workplace whilst their car is being serviced or tuned, you can also make use of our mobile engine remapping service – our expert mobile mechanics and technicians are only too happy to visit you to handle the relevant remapping or car diagnostics work.

For all your garage services needs including car servicing, car tuning, car diagnostics & engine remapping needs in and around Havant, call TCM Automotive today for a free, no-obligation quote.